Team Captain

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13
We all turn to this verse when something scares us and we need strength through Him to move forward.

When I look at team captain, I feel like people are saying, “her? she seems like the unlikely choice. Did she even finish last year?
I probably do seem like the least likely choice to captain a team that is looking to complete a marathon when I didn’t even finish myself.

But I think this might be the very reason that I am the perfect choice! How many of you are afraid to start because you are afraid you won’t finish? This was exactly me last year. I am not a runner, sure I like to run but that took a lot to even get started with that. I had completed a lot of 5ks but I am not fast by any means! And at the time, I had only run to escape the world and to lose a little weight while at it.

So to run 26.2 miles was the scariest thing that I could ever do. I had even thought earlier in the day, that I signed up, that my good friend running that same race was out of her mind for that journey. I started my running journey to the marathon with so much fear. Week after week of training with the group, I would look at these group photos.

I would see that I did not have the runner’s body. I still don’t… But each week, I would remind myself why I was out there. This was not about me, it was about these young children who need to walk miles each day to get water and most of the time it isn’t even clean. I really had to focus on this as I was the slowest runner out there and each week got longer.

I had felt bad for those who were waiting for me each week. But they were there cheering me on with a smile on their face. Truly amazing how much God shows up every week there. At one point I had injured myself, my sinuses got the best of me another week, and by this point, I knew I would not finish the race. Sure I went 20 miles but that 20 miles were just an 1/2 hour shy of the limits in the race. I prayed and prayed on this.

I was scared to even start and thought what will others think of me… I woke up that morning and put it in God’s hands. I totally didn’t start out the way that I planned. The excitement of it all got to me and I ran too fast. So I got slower and slower until the point that I got on the bus. But for those 12 miles, they were the best that I have ever experienced in my life. The support from friends, family, my team, and the crowds. Can we talk about those crowds? I normally hate crowds. They are pushy and rude… But oh my, these crowds were cheering me on. They read my jersey and literally cheered my name. When I was so far behind, they called out words of encouragement, letting me know that I could still do this. It was so amazing.

I had raised enough money for 43 kids to get clean water for a LIFEtime! How amazing is that? This experience had been the most amazing experience that I have ever had and now I want to share that journey/ experience with you. I will train again side by side with you and hopefully this year I will finish- nope, I am going to do this. Are you willing to step out in faith and help me get there? To help those in need; that don’t have the luxury of clean water- to get for a lifetime!?!

Hebrews 12:1 is a verse I constantly went back to while on this journey. “Since we have a huge crowd of witnesses, let us strip down the weight that slows us down. And let us run with endurance the race God had set before us.” Are you ready to strip that weight of fear and witness to those around you God’s great love? Are you ready to run?

Sending All My Love!
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