Happy Anniversary

23 years ago I walked down the aisle with someone I’d already been married to for 8.5 months and we had only knew each other a month longer than that. See we never did things normal. We had ran away to get married on a whim. And we decided to redo it in the Church to make it official and for our family. See I was only 17 when we first got married and I’m still not sure if it was valid. The church wedding was nice but it was done cheap.

I didn’t really have my dream wedding but it was done the best we could on a budget. The wedding itself was pretty nice. Lots of friends and family there. The dance was not great. There was heavy metal… and when my favorite song came on my groom wouldn’t dance with me.

I’d love to say our marriage was different but it really wasn’t. There were good times, sure. But a lot was like that night. Money overspent on stupid things and a lot the same cheapness on other things.

The thing is 23 years later and I’m sad. I’m sad that we spent so much time focused on so many other things that we got even more lost. That now we have been living separately while living under the same roof. And that we will be signing divorce papers in just a few days. Life doesn’t always bring you the direction that you expect.

Maybe some day I’ll get to start again and do things the way I wanted but for now I need to find who I am. I got so lost along the way.

Sending All My Love!
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