Welcome to My Limitless Journey. Grab a cup of coffee, curl up with your throw blanket & laptop, sit in front of the fireplace (if you have one) and let’s chat.

The Lord asks us to take a break- No he DeManDs it! Let’s explore how to take that break.

Other fun topics to discuss: education, God, reading, health, and whatever else comes to mind.

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Limits are not limiting. This is something that I learned reading a Priscilla Shier book. It is an interesting concept. We need to know where are limits are to not become overwhelmed. This blog is about so many things because I have so much to discuss. I am a jack of many trades. I currently hold a Master’s degree in BM, Bachelor’s in HRM, and started on the PhD in Education. I have worked in many fields, have researched many areas, and love to write. I am mom, a wife, come from a large family, have a love for animals, volunteer and teach at my Church, but most of all genuinely care for everyone that comes into my life.

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Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.